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Locally & Globally

An Island Touch believes strongly in helping others and giving back to our community locally and globally. Wellness is integral to peace. We work with one person at a time with the intention of facilitating peace on an individual level therefore contributing to universal peace. While our treatments continue  to be  our primary means of relating to our world, we've found other opportunities to reach out, give back, and support organizations working to make a difference.

We proudly support non-profit organizations working towards empowering women, leadership programs for children, sustatinable agriculture, alternative medicine and the creative arts. Below are some of the organizations we've proudly supported in the past:
Rising Tide
Special Olympics
Rising International
Fire Dept. OB
Slow Food MVI

If you are seeking a donation to your organization that meets one of the fields mentioned above, please submit a letter of inquiry one month prior to your engagement to :

Alaina Rastelli

While we are unable to offer donations to every request, we will review your material and get back to you. We kindly request that you contact us via email only.